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A Complete Preventive Veterinary Cat Wellness Plan

Ensuring your cat receives complete preventive veterinary care actively protects your kitty's long-term health. However, the expenses of these routine vet visits can accumulate. How can you cut costs on your cat's preventive care? Keep reading to find out!

Complete Preventive Care & Cost Savings

Bringing your cat to the vet for routine preventive care may seem unnecessary even when it appears healthy. However, these services play a crucial role in preserving your cat's good health.

So, how can you ensure top-notch preventive care for your cat while saving money? Enroll your kitty in a Cat Wellness Plan!

Cat wellness plans cater to the requirements of cats, both indoor and outdoor, regardless of age. Whether you're considering enrolling your kitten or your senior cat, your veterinarian can evaluate your cat's needs and customize their preventive care accordingly.

The Benefits of Cat Wellness Plans

Our veterinarians at Torrance Companion Animal Hospital offer Wellness Plans that package all the essential preventive care products and services your kitty needs for a discounted monthly fee. This ensures your cat gets the comprehensive preventive care recommended by our Torrance vets while you enjoy significant cost savings. Let's delve into the details of what this entails.

How Bundling Services Saves You Money

Cat Wellness Plans add the individual costs of each preventive care service included. A discount is subtracted from that overall cost, and the remaining amount is divided into 12 manageable monthly payments. This brings down the cost of each individual service while providing you with a standard monthly fee that can help make budgeting for your kitty's care easier.

Cat Wellness Plans at our hospital also provide pet parents an additional 10% discount on many services that aren't included in the plan. That means the cost savings go above and beyond what you'll save on standard preventive care.

Veterinary Services Included in Cat Wellness Plans

Now you know how enrolling your cat in a Wellness Plan could save you money, let's look at what services are included in our Cat Wellness Plans at Torrance Companion Animal Hospital.

Regular Wellness Exams for Cats

Regular wellness exams represent a crucial aspect of preventive care for cats. During these checkups, conducted even when your cat appears in good health, your veterinarian can monitor your feline friend's well-being, detect emerging health issues early, and administer necessary vaccines or preventive treatments.

Furthermore, scheduling wellness exams for your cat provides an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet's health. Whether you're worried about specific symptoms or behaviors your cat is displaying, seeking guidance on dental care, or curious about the optimal diet for your furry companion, wellness exams offer a platform to address these queries and gain the necessary insights.

Vaccines to Prevent Serious Illness

Cat vaccines aim to safeguard your furry friend's health against a wide range of highly contagious, potentially life-threatening diseases. Keeping your cat's vaccinations up-to-date helps protect your kitty against serious conditions such as rabies, feline panleukopenia, herpesvirus, and calicivirus.

During your cat's routine exam, your veterinarian can administer any vaccinations your kitty may need.

Internal Parasite Screenings

Internal parasites such as hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm, and whipworm can lurk deep within your kitty's gastrointestinal tract. Often, the early symptoms of internal parasites go undetected by pet parents.

Fecal exams, included in your cat's comprehensive preventive wellness plan, offer a quick and efficient method to detect internal parasites before health symptoms emerge. Since many internal parasites can transfer from cats to people, early detection can safeguard your pet's and your family's health.

External Parasite Prevention

Fleas and ticks cause discomfort to our pets and spread various serious diseases, including Lyme disease. Our Torrance animal hospital's Cat Wellness Plans provide 12 months of flea and tick prevention products to mitigate the risk of your furry friend developing health issues due to fleas and ticks.

Determining Whether a Cat Wellness Plan is Right for Your Kitty

If you aren't sure whether a Wellness Plan for cats is a good investment for you and your kitty, speak to your veterinarian. Your vet can walk you through the pros and cons of enrolling in a Wellness Plan, assess your cat's annual healthcare needs, and help you determine whether a Wellness Plan could save you money.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Do you have questions about our Cat Wellness Plans? Contact Torrance Companion Animal Hospital today. Our vets and support staff would happily answer your questions and help you enroll in a Wellness Plan that is right for you.

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